Abuse and DMCA

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Our platform is designed to be fast, feature-rich and above all - useful. Our users can upload their own created wallpapers as well as those whose rights they own. We attach great importance to the fact that the rightful authors are always mentioned as the source as far as possible. Unfortunately we are aware that this is not always possible from a technical as well as a human point of view. We therefore always ask the community to help: Specify the authors of the wallpapers to get more points and benefits. However, we have a zero tolerance policy if images are uploaded improperly.

How we react

We assume that users abide by our rules. If we are informed that a wallpaper has been uploaded illegally, however, we will act within 48 hours as soon as possible to solve the problem. We provide the rightful owner of the relevant wallpaper with some options to resolve the issue. Either (1) the illegally uploaded wallpaper is removed from our site. The affected user receives a warning and, in the event of recurrence, an exclusion from the community. In addition, we use technical filters that prevent a re-upload of the same wallpaper. Or (2) the wallpaper remains online for everybody, but we will transfer the affected wallpaper to your own account so that you will be marked as its uploader and legitimate owner.

Contact us

If you want to report a broken or spam wallpaper, please use the reporting icon on the correspondig wallpaper preview page by simply clicking on it. Use the following contact only for copyright or legal issues. If you are sure that your copyright has been violated, you can let us know. For copyright issues and DMCA Takedown notices, please kindly refer to our DMCA agent [email protected] via mail. To speed up the process, please make sure to submit following information.

[•] Your message must contain the exact link to the affected wallpaper(s).
[•] Please describe why the wallpaper violates your rights in your opinion.
[•] Please leave proof that you are the legal owner or copyright holder of the affected wallpaper. If necessary, also provide a link where we can find the original work.
[•] You must declare on oath that you have a good conscience reason to believe that your work was uploaded abusive on our platform.

We want to thank you for contacting us. Please be patient as we take legal action on your issue. It may be necessary to verify that your report is legitimate. This can take several business days. We will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.